Social Media Management

We provide services in social media page design, development, and implementation. Let us design and publish a customized Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest page for your project or business.

Profile/Page Setup

We will provide strategy, development, and execution to bring all aspects of social media into alignment with the client’s goals and purpose. We provide these services for a wide range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. This will include the following tasks.

  • Review and update all page settings and page preferences
  • Optimize about section and company description
  • Create and set branded cover and profile photos
  • Set up appropriate tabs, integrations, and call to action
  • Set up necessary image albums


We will manage your Facebook page weekly for the business which will include the following tasks.


  • Add/update company details and ensure brand consistency.
  • Update page settings and preferences as necessary.
  • Regular updating/uploading of photos, videos, page layout, settings, etc. as directed
  • Build relationships with other relevant industry pages/individuals through the use of comments and information shares.
  • Regularly answer and comment on “fan” requests in a timely manner


  • Monitor post and comment activity for profanity and inappropriate comments.
  • Hide/block users and posts that are offensive or link to other pages which are not recommended.


  • Use data to track and analyze information in order to gauge the success of our current strategy. Statistics can be tracked weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Content Management

We will work with the client to develop a content plan that positively reinforces the client’s brand on the associated social media platforms. In addition to discussing short term and long term goals for each platform.

  • We will create engaging content pieces such as article shares, announcements, videos, photos, event information, infographics, contests, questions, polls, and reminders.

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