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top 20+ apps for all of your business challenges by Three Peas Services

We are extremely excited to announce the release of our most comprehensive eGuide to date titled The Top 20+ Apps for Business.

When I first started out on my business journey, I spent a lot of time (and some money too) testing out apps that weren’t helpful or didn’t fit my business needs. So I wanted to create a tool that could help other entrepreneurs use technology to grow and adapt their business. This guide has been written over the course of 3 years, stemming from a desire to cut down on some of the learning curve that entrepreneurs face when it comes to technology for their business. You don’t have to be a tech junkie or a gadget guru to use technology to manage your business more effectively and efficiently. My hope is that this guide helps YOU solve some of your business technology challenges.

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EBay Buyer’s Guide

I purchased my first item from EBay about 9 years ago in fall of 2007 when I pregnant with my second child. I wanted to look stylish looking maternity clothes but couldn’t afford to pay retail prices at the stores. So I turned to EBay and never looked back. Although I no longer use EBay as a selling venue for my products (as I will be selling them here on my site), I still love the deals that are available on the site. With a little due diligence before you purchase, you can grab new and used brand name items for up to 80% off retail. Get my top 10 tips for safe and successful EBay buying. And best of all…it’s FREE!

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Stay tuned for our upcoming release of the much anticipated book The Entrepreneur’s Guidebook: 10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business. Create the life you want to live with this comprehensive and easy to follow book to start your own business. This book also include an actionable workbook so that you can put pen to paper and get started right away. Expected release date is early 2017.

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