One Mother’s Choice NOT to Breastfeed

As I watched my stomach grow large enough to become its own city-state, I knew that there was going to be a massive pile of things to worry about as my due date crept closer; money, my health, the baby’s health, moving homes, my job, etc. There were many thoughts going through my head. How […]

The Truth About Dating a Single Parent

When you choose to engage in a relationship with a single parent — there is an underlying factor that you must never forget.  You are acknowledging acceptance of them and their package deal. This package deal includes far more than just the child or children.  The child(ren) are the easiest part— however their are other […]

Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Have you ever wondered why most adults seem to cringe whenever a conversation about money is started? The fact is that many adults are never taught how to manage their finances effectively. Resulting in a generation with tons of credit card debt, poor credit scores, and little to no retirement savings. Fortunately for us, there […]

The Beginner’s Guide to DIY Beauty & FREE Printable

There isn’t much we women won’t do for beauty. Endure painful waxings. Check. Spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on laser treatments. Check. Apply harsh chemicals and toxins to our skin. Check. Over the past 60 years, the beauty industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar manufacturing machine. But did you know […]

How To Plan An Amazing Event

Mostly everyone has planned some type of event throughout the course of their life, whether it be a birthday party or a business meeting. There’s no question that event planning can be stressful, exhausting, and aggravating and that’s on a good day. If something can go wrong it most likely will. But the good news […]

Considering College?…Read This Now

Recently in the news, there has been much speculation regarding whether a college degree is worth the investment. And a rather large investment at that! According to the College Board, tuition hikes have exceeded in­flation over the past several decades. Private-college costs have risen to an average of $36,993 and in-state costs at public colleges […]

101 Awesome Stay-cation Ideas: Part 1

Planning a stay cation this year or trying to prevent “boredom blues”? Check out this list of the BEST free and inexpensive activities to keep your kids (or even the neighbor’s kids) busy all summer long! 1. Let’s your child’s imagination go wild by creating a homemade board game. 2. Go Geochaching. Grab a GPS device […]