Website/Blog Management

We are experienced front-end developers who create beautiful professional websites and blogs on both the WordPress and Wix platforms. We will work with you to develop a modern responsive website/blog featuring the following: Branded domain name(s). Check for domain names here. Reliable and affordable web hosting. We recommend the following web hosting services: Siteground and Green […]

Technology Services

We provide information technology support services such as application recommendations and training, CRM solutions, basic tech and app support, process documentation, website building, and blog management. Some of our specialized services include: Ecommerce We provide support services in e-commerce management of Ebay (former top rated Ebay seller), Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy stores. SEO Management:  On Page/Post […]

Social Media Management

We provide services in social media page design, development, and implementation. Let us design and publish a customized Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest page for your project or business. Profile/Page Setup We will provide strategy, development, and execution to bring all aspects of social media into alignment with the client’s goals and purpose. We […]

Email Marketing

Think email marketing is dead? Not.even.close. Not only is it alive and growing, it remains the most effective and profitable way to turn prospects into customers. Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience and provides an additional platform for selling your products and services. Grow your list and increase sales through the power of email […]

5 great Habits to Start Your Day

As humans, we are at our most productive in the morning. Both our brains and bodies are wired to respond to morning stimulus; sunlight shining through the bedroom windows or the sounds of birds chirping. So it just makes sense that mornings should be easy right?!… Wrong! For many of us there is one sound […]

9 Not-So-Obvious Family Activities at Disney World

Last year I embarked on an opportunity of a lifetime to partake in the Disney College Program at Disney World in Orlando, FL. From May until December, I worked in the parks making magic for families from all over the world. Thanks to the unlimited access to all four WDW theme parks, I became well […]

10 Stress Busters to Get You Through the Day

We’ve all felt stress at some point in our lives. But for many of us, slowing down doesn’t seem to be a possibility. In fact, finding some downtime and taking care of ourselves is a challenge that many people face on a daily basis. While some stress is healthy for the mind and body, long […]

8 Life Skills Everyone Should Know Before They’re 30

Throughout the course of your life, you will learn many skills. Some of which will be useful to you and some you may not ever use more than once. However there are some life skills that are necessary to learn as you enter your adult life as they will benefit you for many years to […]

How To Handle Setbacks Gracefully

Scottish poet Robert Burns said it best. “Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And leave us nothing but grief and pain.” In other words, you can have the most well thought out plans but sometimes life gets in the way. Life was going well and you were on track […]

family menu ideas and meal planning

How to Become A Master At Meal Planning

What’s for dinner?!! How many times a day do you get asked that question? While it can certainly feel like you spend 23 hours a day planning and cooking meals for your family, and the other hour cleaning up, chances are, that is because you have not yet developed an effective meal planning routine. Meal planning can […]