How do I receive my invoice?

How you are invoiced will depend on the scope of your project: One-Time Project/Consult: For one-time and short-term projects, you will first be invoiced for any deposits (if applicable). Then you will receive an invoice for the final balance once the project/consult is completed. For event management (such as seminars, masterminds, strategic planning sessions, etc) that […]

I’m on board! Now what?

After your service contract is signed and returned, the fun begins! The first step will be to prepare a comprehensive strategic plan to help move your business towards the goals that we outlined during our initial consultation/call. This plan will cover all of our tactics and actions that will need to be completed and implemented […]

7 Simple Ways to Handle Setbacks in Life

Ever have one of those times when it seems as if life is going great. Work is going well, you’re happy, the family is happy, and you’re feeling great. Then BAM! It hits. Like a brick. Something happens and you experience a setback in life. Setbacks can be emotionally and physically draining not to mention […]

protect your information

How to Protect Your Information on the Internet

We can all agree that the internet is no longer used as just a means of research but rather is a powerhouse tool that is used to communicate and create connections all over the world. Easy access to the internet can be used to strengthen connections with family and friends, to collaborate on school projects or […]

The Working Mom’s Guide to Internet Security

From Disney to Facebook, the ever-increasing presence of technology and social media in children’s lives has prompted concern from parents and educators alike. No matter where you go kids always seems to be attached to some form of technology, whether it be an iPad, smartphone, or even Wi-Fi enabled video game system. In some ways, […]