7 Tips for Taking It Slow & Reducing Stress

For many of us, slowing down doesn’t seem to be a possibility. Between work obligations and family and managing a household, there’s rarely time for much else. However, constantly leading a fast paced life can leave you feeling burnt out and under a ton of stress. I’ll give you a great example. Sometime last week, […]

future of social networking

The Future of Social Networking & Why It’s Important for Your Business

As much as social media marketing and social networking are popular, we have yet to scratch the surface with social media capabilities. As social media evolves, so do our interactions on those platforms. Stay ahead of the social media curve with the major trends that are defining the future of social networking. They are: 1)      […]

Your Top Money Goals for 2018

Can you believe we are already near the end of another year? Before you know it, the new year’s bells will be ringing! If you are looking to have your best year EVER, a great place to start is with your finances. The bulk of the decisions that we make throughout the year affect our […]

email marketing tips

Email Marketing Tips for Emails that Convert

Email marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal, when done right. While most marketers can capture leads and even get subscribers to open their mails, most of them struggle to turn readers into customers. What could be the reason behind poor email marketing conversion rates? At this post, I’m going to […]

laws of social media marketin

The 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

As a business owner/manager, it’s vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. If you oversee developing or implementing a social media marketing strategy you’ll need to understand how social media marketing differs from platform to platform in addition to understanding how this strategy can fit into your overall marketing efforts. Without this knowledge, you’ll […]

5 ways to improve your life

5 Habits to Start NOW to Improve Your Life

When you think about what life may be like five or ten years down the road, how do you feel about it? Are you excited about your future prospects? Depressed? Do you need to improve your life? Unfortunately for many, planning for the future can be an anxiety inducing act. If this sounds like you, […]

7.5 Top Blogging Secrets in 7 Minutes

How to Write Your Best Blog Post. Ever. Blogging stories from the pros… “Hey there… Here’s your tall Americano… Is there something else I can help you with? Hello?” The Starbucks barista stares at you. “Are you okay?” she asks with slight concern in her eyes. Suddenly you’re back. She has no idea you were […]

social privacy

Social Media Privacy Tips

The concept of social media privacy is somewhat of an oxymoron. After all, how private can you be after sharing your life with millions of strangers on the internet?! Information a user may share includes: ·         Photos and other media ·         Age and gender ·         Biographical information (education, employment history, hometown, etc.) ·         Status updates […]

The Power of Positvity

It’s the age old question. Is the glass half full or half empty? While this question alone is not necessarily a good indicator of someone’s entire personality, it can be a good clue as to whether they are what’s known as a positive person. By learning a simple mindset change, positive people are able to […]

Personal Finance 101: Practical Money Tips

Remember when you were young and could not wait to grow up?! What were we thinking, right? As it turns out, adulthood is full of responsibilities and obligations. One of the first responsibilities you will face as an adult is managing your personal finances. Read on for some of our best advice on personal finance […]